Suntory International’s flagship product in Thailand – BRAND’S® essence of chicken launched a large campaign in July of 2017.

During the 3 month campaign, 110 million views were gathered on facebook and youtube through advertising but with a social engagement rate of only 0.002%

Although the social engagement performance was very low, the team at Brand’s strongly believed in the core value of their campaign #FuelYourPassion ( #เติมความตั้งใจให้ชีวิตไปถึง)

The challenge for Socializta was to craft the right articulation for the same campaign subject but in a meaningful way that connects with the users and therefore shows up in high engagement performance.

Using socializta’s 4 step approach on video listening, video design, influencer selection and video distribution, we delivered a high impact hybrid campaign which was a mix between influencer content marketing and user generated content marketing.

Impression vs impact

1. Passion is a difficult subject.

Anybody who has ever tried to follow their dreams knows that such a path is full of failures. It was important to talk about failures.

Our Video Listening validated this core belief. Majority of successful videos that were made on the subject of following your passion mentioned failures elaborately. This theory was true both for Thailand and several countries across the world.


2. Passion is a personal subject.

Only those people who enjoy your trust and admiration can get you to engage in a subject like passion. It was therefore important to identify influencers which had a very committed following.

Our Influencer identification suite discovered influencers across different categories with the most committed followers.

  • The selection process started with shortlisting categories. On the given subject of passion, Music, Teaching, Comedy and Travel categories in Thailand represent the highest engagement.
  • Influencers who had the largest number of new followers/subscribers added in the last 30 days were given preference.
  • Along with the above pre-requisites the influencers who clocked above average engagement were finally selected.


3. Passion is an intense subject.

Therefore the packaging or design of the video had to be equally intense, honest and relatable.

Our Video design advisory interviewed influencers one-on-one to get to know their stories and motivate them to say something that they have never said before. Novelty and endearing anecdotes were given high importance during the process of casting.


4. Passion is universal.

Everyone has one. And therefore in order to strike a cord with the target audience, the video had to be seen organically at more than one place to a given audience set.

Our Video distribution network identified 20 micro-influencers who had the highest audience overlap with the selected top 4. This ensured that same video appeared in front of the target audience several times yet from different sources creating a viral impact.



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