About Us

Brands and their agencies in Thailand are spending a lot of money on video ads with little or no results. They are struggling to build engaging video content that consumers want to watch and not skip while at the same time allowing brands to drive purchase intent and manage ROI.

About Us


On behalf of our advertisers, consistently publish useful content that inspires, educates or entertains their customers in exchange for their attention, consideration and loyalty.

Art + Science


We built Socializta because we believe that advertising is as much art as it is science. We make it possible to marry storytelling to advanced marketing analytics and deploy actionable insights to drive purchase intent. We help you turn into an original content publisher in collaboration with top performing and influential creators on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve built Socializta with a strong technology core that feeds on some of the world’s most advanced analytics, intelligence and machine learning modules.

How It Works


SØCIALIZTA is incubated by Benetone Films, which is a 15-year-old film production, servicing and distribution company with offices in Thailand, US, Europe & Myanmar.

Benetone is recognized as the No. 1 Production Company by the Thailand Film Office for 9 years in a row. Its extensive project résumé includes line producing over 90 feature films, 900 TV commercials, various documentaries, TV series, and reality shows.